Can you do the opossum job yourself?

Opossum Extermination: Get Rid Of The Critters That Destroy - If you have ever tangled with an opossum then you know that they are one of the most destructive wildlife pests to have around. These pesky rat-tailed mammals mean business when it comes to setting up their nest, especially when they choose to place that nest in your home. When you look for opossum extermination you’ll come across many professional wildlife removal services that can save you time and money in the long run. Extermination isn’t the process as much as relocation is with these animals.

Common Complaints Of Those With An Opossum In Their Home are:

• They raid garbage cans and containers of pet food.

• There is usually more than one around and they can cause damage to a home.

• They are messy and will go through your garbage looking for food.

• If opossums are in your attic they can chew wiring, claw through ductwork, and tear through insulation which will makes people think they need opossum extermination.

• Their feces and urine buried in the insulation can stink up the house and cause respiratory distress for those living there.

• Opossums are noisy at night especially when in your attic.

Biology Of These Animals
Opossums are a nocturnal marsupial which means that they carry their babies in their pouch until they are several weeks old. The adults can weigh up to fourteen pounds and are about the size of a large house cat. Opossums are pregnant for about two weeks and can deliver up to seven babies at one time. Being nocturnal, they sleep during the day and hunt at night for food, which if near a home will include the trash, dog food containers, and gardens. Their diet consists of both plants and animals, so they may up root a garden after over turning your trash cans. These are just some of the many reasons why it’s best to use experienced wildlife removal when looking to be free of opossums.

Opossums can be found near woody swamp areas but are increasingly found in urban spots where there is plenty of food and shelter. Sure, you could find them in brush piles and tree hollows but they have no problem taking residence in your home. There are many who report finding opossums in parked recreational vehicles or old abandoned cars. Wherever the mother can find warmth and protection from predators she will make a nest. Opossum extermination or more accurately, wildlife removal becomes necessary when opossums decide to make your home their den. Females will find cozy safe places to deliver their babies which can include attics, wall spaces, and underneath porches or crawlspaces. If you work with the right professionals you can have these animals safely removed to an area that is better suited for them to set up shop in.

Behavior Of A Typical Opossum:
Mothers are the most aggressive because they are protecting their young; they may even attack if they feel their babies are threatened. Opossums do not hibernate but do become less active in the colder months. They seek a warm shelter which can leave your home more desirable especially if you leave food out, have bird feeders or don’t keep your rubbish picked up. Opossum removal is important because the risk of damage becomes more prominent once the babies start running around, since instead of having one or two opossums you now have a whole family that is destroying everything.

Nuisance Of These Animals:
The opossum is destructive when residing in or around your home. They can enter by climbing a tree and moving in through the roof line, this could be through the shingles, vents or where two roofs come together. Opossums can also come through the chimney and even sleep there during the day. Once in your attic or basement they love to chew and can cause damage to pipes and wires that will affect the heating and even create leaking pipes. They rip apart insulation and use it as a litter box, this will create a terrible odor as well as occasionally lead to respiratory problems in those who live there. In addition, their feces can carry worms your pets could acquire by eating. Fleas can be carried in on their fur as well.

Getting Rid of Opossums
The best way to deal with looking for opossum extermination is to have professionals remove them to a new location. Mothers are fierce when it comes to their youngsters so care needs to be taken not to get bitten. There are special trapping techniques that are needed that will prevent damage to the home.

People will often consider using the high pitch noisemakers, repellents and various other methods of deterrent. In actuality these methods don’t often work well and a person spends money here and still needs to hire an expert to remove the animal as well.

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